One of the easiest projects we’ve done in the trailer is to replace our Dometic 300 toilet with the upgraded 310 version. 

The 300 is made of plastic while the 310 has a ceramic bowl, which my wife insists provides a more secure seating surface.  The 300 just dumps water in the bowl to wash out the waste while the 310 uses a “vortex flush pattern” to swirl the incoming water around to better clean the bowl. 

Best of all, the 300 has a cheap feeling plastic lid while the 310 boasts a nice solid wooden seat/lid of the slow-close variety.  Just give it a flick and it slowly and quietly closes on its own.  My wife loves that so much that she’s begged me not to put the toilet seat down so she can do it herself. 

Just kidding.

A number of lucky trailer owners had defective 300-series toilets that caused their bathrooms to smell worse than a Texas feedlot.  Under the Dometic warranty, they were able to upgrade to the 310 toilets for a mere $75.  We had to pay for ours, which we got on sale at Camping World for only twice that amount.

Installation was a one-beer breeze.  I just unbolted the old toilet and bolted on the new, adjusting the angle slightly to fit the space.  It’s now traveled thousands of miles with nary a problem.

Of course, with the good comes the bad.  My wife liked the slow-close seats/lids so much, I got to play Mr. Plumber for a day, replacing every toilet seat at home with the slow-close versions.  That project, of course, warranted a few more beers.